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The Rise

There is a knock at the window of my mind

the glass vibrating across me, reminding me,

all is not as it seems.

The anxiety of anticipation plagues me

as I can feel the imminent change echoing around me,

yet I cannot see the detail, the outcome or the direction,

I can feel the thundering need for flow,

the paths colliding into one as I step forward, finally; finally.

I can feel yesterday's darkness rise up into the light,

revealing the secrets of long ago but never forgotten, never forgiven;

a truth setting me free from the nightmares that were my reality,

it is from here that the conversion is overdue and impending.

Into the abyss of darkness, of the surrounding evil at the doorway,

to the worlds I know better than any should;

it is here that home was forged in my reprieve to plan my silent escape,

I do not fear the darkness and all the murmurs I have come to know,

I know I have strength here, as I do in the light, and on some days more.

It is a long time coming, a path circling back to the beginning of no choice,

sacrificed for that which was never theirs or ever will be, from me or any other,

the return of the pieces thought once forgotten,

lost, forced into the depth of nowhere,

but, I found them. I found me.

Like the wave of an oncoming tsunami, the rise from the darkness,

in the darkness, from the darkness is there,

it will pass with the tide of time pressured into minute moments,

too fleeting and all that more intense,

to reclaim its flow, its rhythm and its place.

For now, I feel the push to reminisce that which I have always known

to connect to the place where the worlds meet,

where there is no light, no dark, no good, no bad;

the place before the cross roads to show the path thereafter.

I am sad and I am relieved.

I am angry and I am excited.

I am strong and I am vulnerable, to me, just me.



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