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The Writer

I had considered for a while on how best to describe my journey and purpose as a writer. There is so much more to being a writer than simply putting words to paper. It is about the relationship between me and the words I connect with to create something unique and very specific to my purpose. 


Anyone can write, but not everyone is a writer.  To understand this, it is important to understand the journey on how and why being a writer is simply part of me; an extension of my very soul...


My journey as a writer started a long time ago when I  was searching for a way to cope with an environment I could not escape. It entailed bullying, abuse and no choices. Feeling isolated, alone and never quite fitting in, so suffering with chronic depression should be no surprise.  


I found solace in words, in imagery and the abiity to create a better place; a place with options and freedom. Equally expressing the extensive pain; agony I felt every day without understanding why or how to move forward from this. Thus, imagination was the only thing saving me from a world that didn't seem right for me. 


I found words to be something that I could relate to; a way to say how I felt while hiding the truth. Adjectives and double meanings became my forte in my writing. So much so, I used to write poetry to order for people at school and my quirks (way of coping) was easily hidden under the guise of being creative. Ironically it was also very much the case.


Writing to me is about bearing your soul in the most vulnerable, honest way and it is only then, in that moment of innocent truth, that the reader will be emotionally moved. In this second, I have succeeded; I am complete, as a writer.


Writing can be the most beautiful and powerful way to communicate, to express and to be; equally it can be a way to hide in plain sight gaining safety and freedom that is, and always will be, personal. 

Hally's Books

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