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The Musician

Hally Rhiannon-Nammu is a singer/songwriter. With a love in music and a passion in writing, Hally creates a powerful combination.





Hally started her singing career as the lead in the school play when she was 15. This was also when she started learning classical singing.


Hally went on to be the only one in the school to graduate as a performance major for her VCE (HSC), relying solely on her beautiful and angelic voice. 


Hally's song writing debut was when she was 17, in her bedroom with only her yamaha keyboard and her classical voice, dedicated to her boyfriend at the time.


Hally went on to perform Phantom of the Opera hitting a perfect E at the age of 19. She was also part of the local choral society singing  and performing in other numbers.


In her twenties, Hally became part of a Capella group performing around the Gold Coast, including Broachbeach, Southport and at the Ramada in Surfers Paradise. Hally's love for dance and singing uniquely combined in theatre groups, troups and adagio partnerships. 


Soon after Hally moved to Melbourne, Hally continued her singing journey by being part of an opera company and gained the lead in Hansel and Grettel.


Hally sang at numerous venues across Melbourne, was part of theatre groups and even enjoyed helping her neighbour's son to fall asleep to her singing when he was a little restless. 


Hally studied classical singing to Grade 7 (AMEB), as well as contemporary techniques and her repertoire includes Italian opera, German and Jazz. 


Hally started learning the piano In her twenties and went to Grade 5 (AMEB) which further enabled her song writing to evolve.


More recently Hally started learning the violin, presently undertaking her preliminary grade. 


Hally's passion, love, dedication and ability as a true performer, an authentic artist comes through in all that she does. She has helped and healed many in her work as a Shaman, Author and Therapist. Now the stage is blessed to have her music, enabling her melodic love and divine talent to finally spread to the world.


Hally believes: "Music is more than some lyrics and a tune; it the essence of the soul vibrating to the sound of unconditional love. It is powerful and can create gentle, positive change one note at a time.

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