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The Reader Writer Connection

Let’s think about this… expression via the prose of emotional thought does not equate to the personalised conclusion of the individual.

And yet, this is what each of us instinctively do…

We are the hero in every story, the main character, the centre of the focus. However, when reading something emotionally provoking, is it about connecting to the hero within yourself or perhaps it is an opportunity to reflect more deeply, not about the author, if they are known, but about the content, the context and what is being shared.

If this was a stranger what would the interpretation be?

Would it feel the same?

Removing the judgement of knowing a person is liberating to the reader and the author.

No writing of a creative nature should be perceived as fact or expression of unspoken feelings. This is why this is called creative prose i.e. fiction.

The poetic prose that can spew forth is a way to understand the overwhelm that life can throw without question, without warning and without apology. It is not meant to be deciphered as a literal expression of feelings. Simply a journey into the understanding of self through the myriad of layers that each person’s mind has and exhibits on a daily basis.

The author is the last person of relevance in any writing. They are the conduit, the catalyst, the delivery method for what must be expressed.

So, why is this pertinent right now?

Writing is an expression, a way to perform on a page, a screen, in black and white, providing visual and emotional triggers for the reader, specific to them. The reader may not be the hero or feel like the hero, however, this may be exactly what was intended.

The deeper, sadder, more intense a piece of writing is, the more it is likely to trigger or unnerve the reader. This in itself demonstrates success in the piece. Any emotion from words on a page means the writer has succeeded in connecting to the reader. They, themselves, are not the story.

The next time you read something where you may know the story, the author or the more finite details, always remember that no matter how much you may try, after the first word, it has just become about you and what you feel is about you.

Discuss this with the writer if it feels right, however, refrain from believing that you now know the writer. This is the facade of creativity and emotional expression.

This is what enables such liberty in writing and the absolute joy in reading.



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