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The Creative

The Creative

When thinking about being a creative, many assume painting, crafts and art. However, there are many versions to being a creative. I am an "active" creative. I write, play piano, violin, sing, dance, write songs before expanding this passion into my work. 

Being a creative means I get to explore the dimensions of perspective seen through feeling, heart, mind and soul. Every creation has a purpose of expression and connection. Sometimes with myself, other times with the rest of the world. Mostly, both.

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Hally's Books

The Practitioner
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The Practitioner

Spanning decades of experience, study, qualifications, research, developed skill, natural abilities, and seeing worlds within worlds of the impossible.


All of this has shaped me as a Practitioner and a subject-matter expert in the areas of Behaviour, Energy, Metaphysics, Paranormal, Neuro-Metaphysics, Sexual Therapy, Business Coaching and Environmental Energy Design.

There is always more, more abilities and skills that are attained. All of which have become present in my work and my privilege of helping many across the globe in what only I know and can do.

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The Person

The Person

There are many versions of ourselves that evolve and develop as we learn, grow, and reinvent how we see ourselves.


From a past of pure hell into the arms of true love… it is a story we all know and even hope for when being faced with the unjust that life can subject us to. 


However, there is always a silver lining, and it always comes when persisting, pursuing, and never giving up. 


I am that person. I can speak of truths and pain that surpass the cruelty one can do to another. Equally I can share the beauty of love, unconditional love and internal self love.

It is all a journey and this is mine.

Welcome to my world.


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